About us


Welcome to the WHEELIE RAMPAGE! website. Wheelie Rampage was started to get people to ride wheelies on a motorcycle without getting hurt and have fun doing it! For those that know how to ride a wheelie....it is still a challenge! The Wheelie Simulator consists of an ACTUAL CBR600rr motorcycle mounted on a trailer (making it portable) and fixed at the rear wheel. The rear wheel rides on a spinning drum that constantly has a brake force applied to it. This allows you to experience what it takes to bring the bike up on its rear wheel and to find our balance point. Anyone can do it! It does not matter if you have never riding a motorcycle before or if you are that gu that rides wheelies down highway 5!


You will see Wheelie Rampage at motorcycle events throughout California, bike nights, club events, car events, and sometimes just at your neighborhood restaurant or bar. 


Contact us at rscornejo@gmail.com or 805-215-9167 to schedule an event or to learn more.


Hope to be able to stimulate your wild side!




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